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    NOT nozzle blockage - but what ?

    I am using a HICTOP 3DP-11, nozzle 0.4 and CURA for slicing.
    I have a large print that takes 17 hrs with print speed 30mm/s, and fill 20% layer 0.2, using woodfill fillament from "bq".
    41 hrs with fill 25%
    it is 600 layers.

    here's the problem.
    The first time I tried to print, it stopped extruding ( and blocked the nozzle ) at a print height of approximately 21mm. ( approx layer 200 ), but continued performing its "laps" as if it were still extruding.
    new nozzle and tube.
    The second time it failed - as far as I can tell - at the same height. Again doing its Laps, just not extruding.

    Now - between the two attempts, I have printed with the same fillament different items slicing with CURA and same settings with a height of 600 layers successfully.

    I cant say exactly the elaps time at failure, just the prints are the same height, because when i checked progress the head was already some 10 - 15 mmabove the last printed layer.
    Fillament - I cannot believe it would block at the same point, a couple of weeks apart, with other good prints in between.
    gcode - I have looked at this and there are no inconsistencies in the range of layers 150 - 300. and the E value on each line increases as expected.
    If i think of the printer controller software - on the premise that it is not blocking, but it stops extruding:
    perhaps there is a problem with the value of "E" being too big - but E would be a greater value for the 25% fill print. After all its only an 8 bit processor
    Z software limits, dont think so
    Internal clock - both prints were started at different times of the day, the 20% fill would have reached the fail point (print elapse time) quicker than the 25% fill print.
    SD card reader - i use 8 Gb card, the gcode is 45 Mb - as it was still reading the gcode and doing Laps I dont think this is the source of the problem.
    Thats it, i cant think of anything else, driving me to distraction going through posibilities.
    Any help/suggestions would be gratefully received.


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    I have had the Same Issue, after a lot trouble shooting I determined That the problem was EFI From the Controller.
    I have created a controller cover shield that can be printed here.

    In My Post I had to print a shield Also so I covered the Controller with a temporally shield to get the Print done.
    After the First Print, installing the Aluminum Duct tape, and cutting out all the vent holes I installed the EFI shield and Printed another one for my Second printer.
    Even though it was almost never giving and signs of EFI problems and finding out it was having them but was far and few between.

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    sounds more like an issue with the stl file to me.

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    Nothing ventured nothing gained!!!

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