Last month, a new partnership was announced that is set to bring metal additive manufacturing capabilities deeper into the automotive industry, as Divergent 3D and PSA Group set out on a long-term plan to work together for more efficient automobile manufacturing. This partnership holds promise for both AM and automotive enthusiasts, as vehicle manufacture continues to embrace additive technologies. From prototyping to road-ready vehicles, we have been seeing 3D printing take to the roads lately, and this latest partnership holds incredible promise in streamlining the manufacturing process for vehicles made by one of Europe's largest companies in this field. For its part, Divergent 3D is no stranger to automotive creation, either, and so this working relationship serves to bring together a meeting of the minds matched well in experience and potential alike. recently had the opportunity to find out more about this partnership and some of the 3D technologies behind it, asking just A Few Questions For Kevin Czinger, CEO of Divergent 3D. Read more at