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Hey guys, an introduction!

First off, I am a printing tech, 3D designer and engineer, with over 3 years in the printing game and 2 of those as a supplier to numerous local manufacturers.

I have a registered ABN (Australian!!), and can supply invoices etc.

The reasoning for this post is as follows:

I have contacted Zortrax to become an Australian reseller and technician, and as such need to purchase 5 units' worth of their merchandise as a base first order before they will allow them on a per-unit basis.

So, I came here!

Australian and New Zealand residents, please see a price list on a per-unit basis!

Zortrax M200 - includes 1 roll of filament, software and a set of accessories:
Single unit - $2900 AUD each ex. GST
Bulk buy - this is the way I'd prefer to do it! For those of you interested, I would be keen to run some sort of a bulk buy. Basically the price is discounted by 25% PER UNIT on a bulk buy of 5 machines or more. This would bring that price down to $2175 ex. GST and freight!!

Also available will be some spare parts - prices TBD
Hot End
Perforated build plate
Fan cooler
Side Covers
Starter Kits
Extruder Cables
Thermocouple + Heater
Extruder PCB
Platform distancer and screw
GT2 Belt (XY long or short)
Motor Set
Extruder motors
Display set (PCB Panel, OLED and cable)
Inside cable holders
220V Switch
Heated, non-perforated bed
Heated bed cable

Our pricing is $4-500 under any other reseller that I've seen to date in Australia!!! Why? Because I am operating a from-home operation, where I have no overheads, and am not paying anyone! Most suppliers are running at a higher cost because of these factors, where machines are selling for up to $2800! I am literally running this business as a minimal-profit operation, primarily to fund my own machine so that I can better service those who own them.

Secondarily, I haven't forgotten aboput the Inventure! Built to utilise two materials at once, the Inventure features a dissolvable support system, heated chamber, and utilises cartridge-based materials , meaning they are easier to replace! Pricing starts at $4900 on a single unit basis, or on a 4+ bulk buy we are looking at a 25% discount, or $3500! Spare parts and materials are also available for this machine as such:

Z-Ultrat plus material $33/roll plus GST and freight base price
Discount rates (based on volume purchased!) = 21% on 60-119 units, 24% up to 120, 30% up to 360, 35% up to 720 and 37% on orders over 1440 units!! Similarly, percentage discounts apply to Z-support, which starts at $125/unit (this is used much less!)

Parts: Build tray, nozzles, nozzle cap, nozzle cleaning gear, hot end, cooling fan, dissolvable support activator, HEPA filter.

Additionally, I would like to find out pricing on the M300's however have not received this from Zortrax yet, but by my estimates:

Single unit: $5550/ea ex gst
Per-unit on min. order 5 units: $4165ea excl. gst

I am reachable via, please email any queries and I can get back to them ASAP