When it comes to busy and productive companies, China's Winbo Smart Tech Co., Ltd. has just about everyone else beat. Last month we took a close look at this fascinating and dynamic company, which has already produced 14 3D printers, a scanner, and an extensive line of materials - plus a large model marketplace and a smart factory. Next week, the company will release their 15th 3D printer, and it's unlike anything they've done before.The Super Helper 3D Printer will, from the looks of things, certainly live up to its name as a super-helpful machine that's more than just a 3D printer. It's also a laser cutter and laser engraver, and Winbo's first multi-functional, combination 3D printer. Read more at 3DPrint.com: https://3dprint.com/152074/super-hel...bo-3d-printer/