The upscale British car manufacturer Aston Martin has announced that they will integrate more use of 3D printing technology and robotics into their manufacturing process. The drone manufacturer Slidx was unveiled their KAYRYS quadcopter, which is equipped with a fully 3D printer cover. The Seattle-based biotech startup Pembient is working to 3D print rhino horn replicas to help curb poaching of these endangered animals. Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing has decided to invest heavily in 3D printing technology for automotive applications. A national survey taken on behalf of Proto Labs shows that a whopping 71% do not perceive manufacturing jobs as high-tech employment options, despite the ongoing digital manufacturing revolution. The Google Campus in Warsaw will hold the “3D Printing Opportunities for Startups”, which will be hosted by the Polish 3D printing company VSHAPER. Lastly, Toys R Us has partnered with the Taiwanese 3D printing company XYZprinting to market a range of their family-friendly da Vinci 3D printer models. Read more at