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    Vertex Modelling 3D Prints London

    Vertex Modelling 3D Prints London

    I thought this was simply amazing. A company based in London England has 3D printed several ondon Landmarks. The 3d prints are amazingly detailed, and are a decent size as well. these models are built using a 500:1 scale.

    They have printed out scaled models of the O2 Arena, London Eye, The Shard, Gherkin, One Canada Square, Olympic Stadium and Tower Bridge. The company specializes in creating the most accurate 3D models on the market. They use state of the art advanced remote sensing technology to capture the dimensions of each object. The exact 3d printer used for these models was not stated on their site. For more details about this company check out:

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    Did you 3D print all of that London Landmarks Larry? Amazing! Rapid prototyping will greatly benefit the engineering and architectural field. Landmark models can be produced using plastic ABS and PLA filament-

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    Really great work on the landmarks! It's absolutely impressive what 3D printing can accomplish in architecture these days.

    Fortunately, a lot of people have noticed this and have integrated 3D printing in their activities, which means 3D printing architectural models is not just an ambitious thought anymore. There are so many advantages to using 3D printing in architecture, it's great help to see them all in one place, like in this article.

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    Beautiful.Some parts, like on the Ferris wheel, look very fine

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