This just goes to show how popular 3D Printing has become this year. In the last 10 months or so it has really become part of mainstream tech, and is on a path to become exponentially more popular. The Gadget Show Live, has voted 3D Printers the top breakthrough gadget of the year. Here is the list. Note that all the other gadgets are actually one product thought, whereas 3D printers is basically an entire industry. Nonetheless this is an impressive feat.

1 3D printers 31%
2 Samsung Galaxy S4 22%
3 Sony 4K OLED TV 13%
4 Sony Xperia Z1 10%
5 Pebble 7%
6 Lenova Horizon Tablet 6%
7 Nvidia Project Shield 5%
8 Razer Blade Pro 3%
9 Fitbit Flex 2%
10 Ouya 1%

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