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    1939 zenith racetrack model 5-s-319.

    So I decided to build a radio for my office and wanted something different. I got my insperation from the 1939 zenith racetrack model 5-s-319.

    This is what the real one looks like:

    I'm currently still busy drawing my version but this is what it looks like thus far:

    Will keep the thread updated as I make progress .....

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    Done with the design work. Started printing.

    This is what the final design looks like:


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    First parts printed and painted .....

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    Almost done with radio case:

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    Printing and painting done ... now the electronics:

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    that's a hell of a paint job.

    Not a fan of 'vintage' stuff but that's a really good reproduction :-)

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    I know the original had buttons on the bronze faceplate, but I was wondering how much you would charge to make a faceplate, the needle with the numbers, but I would want the buttons on the face plate and without the knob holes, but I would like the knobs. here's a picture of what I am after

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    Do you have an account? I would be interested in the 3D printed radio, also did you 3D print the knobs, needle, and thing with the numbers that the needle points to? If so I am interested in those too. But the faceplate I wouldn't want the holes for the knobs, but I would want the holes that were for the buttons like the original radio had. And 3D printed buttons for the holes

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    I am looking to do the same thing could you print me one also,
    Thanks, Reed

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    Great Work! I would love to talk to you on how you did it

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