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    Where to start, in order to convince School we need 3D printers?

    Guys, I'm a High School teacher at a school in Pennsylvania. I think that our students really need access to 3D printers, in order to really have an upper hand in the future workplace. I just don't know what the best way would be in order to convince the administrators that 3D printers are a necessity. Any ideas or suggestions? Any teachers here that have gone about this successfully in their schools yet?

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    PTA Fundraiser.

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    Well, it depends on what you teach and how much they value your opinion of what type of tech to get.

    We have a $2000 cap on purchases normally, anything above that gets shot down 90% of the time. After going to a small informational 'convention' about 3D Printers, he was able to come back and convince the administration to make the $2,150 purchase.
    If you have enough information, and a good idea of how and what would be taught, then that would make the process much easier.

    I'll ask him on Monday exactly what he went to, and how he presented the idea.

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    I'm also facing this issue right now. I am building a 3D printer and donating it to a local school, and so far the biggest issue isn't getting them to see the necessity (this was fairly easy to overcome) but to get past all of the politics and concerns of parents. The biggest questions so far:

    1) How is this educational for my child?
    2) How can teachers use this for education?
    3) How safe is it for my child to be around?
    4) How much is it going to cost?

    All of these questions are easily answered with a Google search, and #4 can be addressed with a fundraiser or building one. Be patient, give it time, keep dropping info on them, and they'll come around.
    I'll keep you posted with any new ideas/info as I find it. Good luck!

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    Guys, I would suggest finding some good videos of other schools/teachers on Youtube. Most people still don't understand the technology. Show them how 3D printers work, and then show them Thingiverse, and all the different objects that are 3D printable. Explain that 3D design software can be used by the students in order to create whatever it is that they desire. Most people think 3D printers are merely a toy, which they are far from.

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    Plant the seed in the kid's heads that they need a 3D printer. Rally the parents and tell them that a printer will keep the kids out of trouble. Get the kids to make a pitch for the devices. Let them research what is out there and what other schools are doing with them. Follow the tune of the Music Man (1962 film).

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    Well my school just got it due i had one lol,
    After a half year of me bring stuff every week or so of something cool they were simple jealous,
    Even tho they didnt even use it yet for students lol..

    Oh well,
    I guess if you give lessons with 3D designs it would be something very cool to make real projects that you could actualy made.

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    In the UK at the moment they are arguing if Devices are good for kids with learning...duh
    if they aren't, i'd say it's the ageing teachers fault...Doing without a device these days would be like doing without paper. For all the limitations 3D Printed parts could have, the lesson is still valuable, taking somone through that journey and getting them to design and print somthing unique to them is a lesson every school should have the ability to teach, if it doesnt..what on earth are they teaching?

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