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    Quote Originally Posted by cwaa View Post
    I signed up for this promotion and now they won't deliver . Shipping has slipped from November to January. Watch out this is a fraud.
    Given that the average kickstarter is around 18months late - a 1-2 month delay is as good as bang on time.
    Certainly much much too early to claim it's failed or a fraud. please think before you type in future.

    @rp - so is this extruder simplify3d compatible ?

    And can you print two materials with different print temperatures ?
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    @curious aardvark

    Thanks for chiming in!

    Yes, we are offering support for Simplify 3D. As for printing materials with different print temperatures, so far we have printed dissimilar materials at a fixed temperature that works for both. However, we look forward to experimenting with printing materials at significantly different temperatures by allowing temperature changes during filament purging.

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    Even dual nozzle solutions require a bit of purging because the molten plastic slowly drips out of one nozzle (and creates messy lines all over your print!) while the other nozzle is printing. In order to reestablish hot end pressure, you need to purge a bit of filament.

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    You'd think so wouldn't you.
    watch this video:

    No visible contamination, no purge pillars. Not a needle valve dual print nozzle. two actual seperate nozzles.
    How the hell is that working ?

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