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    Best 3D Metal Printer

    Hi to everybody
    I am into Imitation Jewelry Business, I am Looking for a 3D Metal Printer, which can directly 3Dprint Jewelry Designs from CAD Program, into metal such as Brass or Copper.

    Can it 3Dprint, as small as 5mm x 5mm. piece of jewelry shape.


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    Additive Metal printers are very expensive to buy and operate. £10 000+ is your starting point.

    You can print metal infused PLA using a £300 printer. This has 15%-85% metal powder, but can be printed at 200C. You cannot really polish it to a bright sheen, but it can look very nice for antique finish items.

    For high quality small items, you will need to spend more, may be £5000, which will get you a printer with good resolution and accuracy. This will print down to 0.01mm as opposed to 0.1mm for a hobby type machine.

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    I am looking for the same kind of machine. The lower cost SLS machines only work with a limited amount of materials though.
    So what you can do is 3D print a Moldlay model at high detail and use it for lost wax casting.
    You can also use bronzefill, brassfill, steelfill or copperfill, it looks pretty good.

    For SLS printing directly in metals you need a very high-end, expensive machine so unless you are going to be printing in very high volumes your break-even point will be far out of reach compared to using services such as Shapeways.

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    Like Ralph says, the way to make small metal parts economically is indirectly, using the lost "wax" process. FDM printers, though, won't give you enough resolution or the smooth surfaces you need for jewelry (unless striations are part of the design effect you want). Using a resin-based printer like the B9 Creator will be more suitable.

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    Sciaky EBAM 300 3D Printer, Fabrisonic UAM 3D Printer and Concept Laser XLine 1000 3D Printer are the best metal 3D Printer.

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    Metal 3D printing has become a hot topic recently mostly due to the fact that the current 3D parts that are being printed are really good quality.
    The latest 3d printer technology
    HP Metal Jet
    Desktop Metal
    Digital Metal
    Aurora Labs

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