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    Question Availability of white, black and yellow ABS Cartridges for Cube3

    I have a Cube3 printer and need white, black and yellow for production. 3D Systems
    has been out of stock (white 3 months, black and yellow 1 month) and they do not have
    any idea about availability. Do you think 3D Systems is going to stop all ABS sales when
    they exhaust their inventory and only provide PLA? Dealing with all the problems; first
    with the initial cartridges and printers, followed with discontinuing production of the Cube3
    and now with the filament has been a nightmare!

    I would not even think about purchasing a new Cube Pro as it may follow the "death" of
    the Cube3. If 3D Systems were thinking about continuing to market the Cube Pro then they
    should offer a heated bed for the Cube Pro. I have worked around the warping problem
    with ABS and now can produce ABS parts without any shrinkage. All of the parts I plan to
    sell require ABS rather than fragile PLA. With 95% of my parts being either White ABS or
    Black ABS; my production has stopped. I am looking forward to buying four (4) ULTIMAKER 2+
    printers being my production machines.

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    Theres good news & bad news
    The first half of the bad news is the cube 3 is both proprietary& is discountied so it will b harder,

    the good news

    is there
    Is 3rd party systems in place for that purpose,
    • Its under 3d print .com news,( its an old article which this case particularly could have been a couple or few years or more)

    &that brings us to the second half of the bad news

    which is it is a huge gray area, it is controversial & is techically breach of contract
    But not exactly illegal,can can b legit, under certain conditions for example you cant sell it without declaring it as moded

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    basically you can mod it to take any filament, just google modding cube3.

    Also - if you can get it you can substitute petg for abs. similiar properties, but much easier to print with and getting cheaper all the time.
    But probably also requiring modding.

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    I have a cube 3 sitting on my bench. I guess when I run out of filament, it will be a paperweight? It is pretty good little machine but we have so many open source ones that print just as good and with larger build surfaces.

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    The saga of death to the Cube3 continues. Within the last week; 3D Systems now is out of stock for
    three colors of PLA. There is something wrong here; like not ordering any more filament in cartridges. If they had actually ordered more product; they should have received an order acknowledgement with a ship date. Is there anybody home at 3D Systems? Or the lights are on but nobody is home? How can a big company be so screwed up?
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    3D Systems announced months ago they were discontinuing their Cube series of printers. They were money losers from day one, it is no wonder they are going to stop offering supplies.

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    So strange that their Cube range tanked. Their pro machines are the stuff of dreams...

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    Questions will be asked at the TCT Show later this month...

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