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    mUVe 3d DLP 1.5 w/ ACER P1500 Projector 2 flexvats 2 build platforms, NanoDLP etc.


    This is a copy and paste from my ebay listing. Price would be around $2000 if someone from here wanted it.. Free shipping... You would save about $1200 off what the items cost new...
    Up for discussion.

    You are looking at a perfect condition mUVe 3D dlp resin based 3d printer by (the main image is credited to muve3d, the rest are my own).This printer is a BEAST as far as quality is concerned. Just take a look at the other pictures. These are all prints I have done since owning this printer.
    You have complete control in XY resolution, as well as the Z.
    This printer is capable of FAR better resolution than the formlabs form 2 printer, which is limited by its wide laser beam point size.
    Current set up for this printer is at .1mm in the z, and .76mm in the XY direction. It can be dialed down MUCH lower to produce jewelry quality prints.
    Just check out the picture of the ring.. that was done at .5mm or 50 micron Z resolution and turned out unbelievably well.

    What you get with this printer.

    - The mUVe 3d printer 1.5 DLP itself. which is the chasis, and everything that normally shipped with the printer.
    - Acer P1500 DLP projector - This projector is STILL a $600 unit on amazon. Its 3d ready etc.. So if you wanted to dual purpose it, you certainly could.
    - The projector also comes with the muve3d aftermarket metal 80mm aluminum shutter. Also included is the servo to drive the shutter.
    - Included is the fantastic UBER Z upgrade. Which uses a heavy extruded aluminum crossbar in place of the older option. Much sturdier option. This was a significant upgrade
    - 2 x FlexVat systems - Both flexvats are newly upgraded by myself to include 3d printed walls in place of the old acrylic walls that could leak resin. Both of these vats are sealed tighter than a drum and have had multiple prints with no issues. One vat has a raspberry pi camera lens hole for you to mount a pi camera in to watch your prints. Both have brand new flex vat FEP film applied.
    - 2 x build plates - the standard build plate, and ill include a bonus extra build plate as well.
    - 2x Stepper motors to drive your printer w/ integrated higher pitch lead screws. movements in the Z direction are faster, leading to faster printing speed. Print speeds at .05mm (50 micron) average 6 seconds per layer.
    - Ramps Board to operate your printer.
    - Raspberry Pi 2 w/ NanoDLP software installed. Now includes built in slicer to make things even easier. Nanodlp at fantastic software. This system is 100% ready to run out of the box (you will need to gather the IP address from the raspberry pi to enter in the browser to find the nanodlp software)

    I will also include 1 liter (50$ value) of Unpigmented Makerjuice Resin. Brand new, never opened. I will pigment it the color of your choice. Many to choose from (black yellow blue, white, grey, green)

    Check out the specs on muve3d . net on the dlp printer site. This printer would be $2749 new BEFORE all the extras which total nearly $400... so over $3100 new..
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