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    3D Architectural and Rendering Tricks

    Many equivalent animation programs are being hired to make photorealistic renderings that may be foreign from or exported to a 3D style program reminiscent of Autodesk Revit. Luxology’s Modo 701 is one such program. Originally created to chop down on the multitudinous hours spent by 3D animators operating in film and game style, Modo has evolved into a full-featured tool whose renderer is in demand for its physically correct results and speed.

    Blitz Design Studio

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    "Hi guys,
    I have a question. Do you make 3d renders of your projects in-house or use outsource 3d visualization company? Read this

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    Creating realistic architectural renderings requires careful planning and attention to detail. Adding minor details to the renderings can be very time consuming, but it is certainly worthwhile. Some of the smallest details have the greatest impact on the realism of 3d architectural visualization .

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