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    Mbot3d Partners with 3DPrinter

    3DPrinterkart is happy to announce partnersip with Mbot3d for reselling their 3D Printers exclusively in India and other countries .
    Mbot 3D Printers are developed by Magicfirm which was started in 2009 in china and since then developed range of Mbot 3D Printers. It has expanded in 3D Printing education sectors and participated in e-Nable programme which supports 3D Printed prostehitic hand .

    Mbot Cube kit uses a Mightyboard motherboard and Jettyfirmware which is known to be one of the best stable electronics and firmware . It’s a open source 3D Printer whose details can be found on github here. Mbot Cube kit is the highest sold open source 3D printer form Mbot3d . Mbot3d provides MPrint slicing software for users which is easy to use and user friendly.

    Mbot 3D Printers are available in Single & Dual Extruder models . The latest Mbot 3D Printer has some unique features like Full metal chassis, Auto leveling & intelligent compensation system, compact print head, Detaachable build plate, Filament monitor system etc . More details on Mbot 3D Printers and to buy Click here

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    Color Mixing 3D Printer

    If you are looking for Color mixing 3D Printer thenMakerPi 2030Xis the choice.

    Yes you can mix and blend two colors while printing in your object . You can also use as a Dual Extruder Printer . Its has the new 2 in 1 out extruder or we call it 2 filament feeding and single nozzle output .

    With Regular Dual nozzle 3D Printer while printing the filaments drips and get mixed with other color thus making you print looks not appealing to customer . With MakerPi you can print dual color with ease because now dripping of second color filament during printing and giving a neat and clean Dual color printing . When printing with color mixing option the 3D Printed object looks exclusive and appealing .

    MakerPi 2030Xis best suitable for Designers , Makers and Professionals.
    MakerPi 2030X is made up of sturdy metal frame and quality parts . It printers range of filaments like PLA , ABS , HIPS, PET and Flexible . Before sending the machine to customer every MakerPi 3D Printer is tested for 300 hrs . You can check more details and specification of MakerPi 3D Printer here at

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    Creality 3D CR-10 Max Printing size :500X500X500mm

    Key Features:

    * Packaged with three parts kit, just need 10 minutes to assembly, solve the problem of high freight.
    * High precision imported Aluminum V-slot Bearing + precision roller with high positioning accuracy, move smoothly,print faster
    * Patent Technology for XYZ Aluminum V-slot Bearing to make it run smoothly and get higher quality product.
    * Industrial-grade PCB can continuously print for 200 hours without pressure,but with matures printing technology and stable performance
    * Patent MK10 nozzle extrusion structure can print almost all printing material on the market without plug.
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    Anycubic i3 Mega Large Desktop 3D Printer Trigorilla Mainboard Print Area 210X210X205mm
    * Exclusive Trigorilla Mainboard Supports All features
    * Features like power resume, smart levelling , Filament run out detection
    * 3.2" TFT Touchscreen , Flash assembly , Faster print rate.
    * Plug Type EU OR AU Optional
    * This printer's mainboard is exclusively designed by Anycubic called " Trigorilla mainboard" to support all features like Power resume, Smart * levelling , Filament run out detection .
    * Filament run out detection feature automatically pause the printer when filament runs out, user can change filament and on one click print resume from same position.
    * This printer is upgraded to large build volume compared to other printer in this price & feature range.It supports all latest filaments in market.
    * The Body is metal Build, superior stability improving printing accuracy. It hardly takes some minutes to flash assemble the printer with 8 screws. Its Touchscreen display supports multi language custom friendly userinterface runs smoothly.

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    22 Best 3D Printers of Year 2017

    In Beginning of this year 2017 there are some new 3D Printers that hit the market and some printers from last year selling hot in the market .

    Let us take a look at some of the best 22 Best 3D Printers that you can look forward to buy this summer of 2017.
    There are various options for selecting 3d printer in kit or Assembled type, Delta orCartesian Type, Small orLarge Build Size, Open source or Closed Sourced professional type, Conventional or Upgraded features. It completely depends upon users requirement. Below listed 3d printers are described based on these factors which usually user looks for while selecting 3d printers.
    First let us take a look at the Delta’s which are fast , easy to assemble , large print height etc.

    Anycubic Kossel Delta

    No. of Extruders :1
    Print Size (XYZ) :180X300mm
    This is a open source Delta 3d printer kit having 3 robotic arm , Aluminium extrusion structure of Europeanstandard 2020, available in two optionsPulley versionandLinear guide Version. This printer is gaining popularity for its exclusive designed Trigorilla mainboard that offeroutstanding functionality ,stability ,Simple Installation , Easy operation, Extensible function, Selectabledrives , wide voltage input, compatible with marlin firmware.
    Basic printer price is $165.5 which is pulley version and comes in with various chargeable upgrade options like Linear guide version, large printing area, Heat bed , etc.

    Flsun Kossel Delta

    No. Of Extruder: 1
    Buildvolume: 180mmx300mm
    This is also an open source delta style Kossel3d printer kit . Pulley version is aBasic Printer for $176having Aluminium structure, Metal build plate, Powerful extruder, Ramps motherboard,Standard build volume 180x300mm and Auto levelingfeature . It can be upgraded with features likeLinear guide version and heatbed. This printer is very easy to assemble within few hours and has all plastic moulded component.

    He3D K200 Delta

    No. of Extruders : Single / Dual (Optional)
    Print Size (XYZ) : 200X300mm
    This is an opensource delta style 3 Robotic Arm pulleyversion 3dprinter kit with free auto leveling feature, Aluminium structure, All metal E3D extruder for just $195 free shipping to major countries. Its fun learning and playing with such cheap kits . If properly calibrated it can print decent prints . It also ahs a Dual Extruder Upgrade kit which will enable to print with two filaments .

    HE3D Ei3

    No. Of Extruder: Single/Dual/Triple

    Buildvolume: 200X 280 X 200mm

    This is a cheapest opensource Cartesian style 3D Printer kit with Aluminium structure , Full metal E3D hotend, free upgrades like auto leveling accompanied with free four different sizes of nozzle and lot of other gifts which does not come in other printer so far at just $190.This printer can further be upgraded to Large print area 200x280x200mm,Dual Extruder & also Tripple Extruder! This is one of the hottest and highest selling Prusa i3 clones out there .

    For more click here.

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    3D Pen for children

    Kids love to design and draw , why not let them create their own toys themselves.A father based in Chennai,India helping his 11 year old child to draw and manually turns his design into real life 3D Printed spectacles. 3D Printed items are safe since it is made of Eco-friendly plastic material ie.PLA.
    Till now children's had access to only pen, crayons, paint, brushes , clay , paper and cardboard to draw. But now children can enjoy drawing with 3D Pen which is a latest 3D Printing technology. 3D Pen is a great tool for children's to draw in the air anything they think of. It also helps children's to communicate their feeling, emotion and upgrade their thinking in new way. Drawing with 3D Pen neither need any past 3d printing experience nor need any software. 3D Pen is very easy to use, great fun for kids and are available at reasonable price.

    When a child draws something familiar to them, for example, spectacles,car,toys,etc they have the opportunity to think about what they know and how they feel towards it. To boost up inner creativity of child's , drawing with 3D Pen could be very helpful. Also it will help to develop manipulative skills, unleash an artist in child, enables them to use their imagination, experiment and try out new methods and expressions.

    Children's can be benefited in number of ways by drawing with 3D Pen. like introduction to new technology, turning imagination into real life object and much more.

    "Mr.Mahesh" a father is a great example for every Parents who wish to see their child ahead in this challenging world of technology.

    3D Pen Video: click here>>
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    I am looking for a sub $500 3d printer and 3d printing pen that work with 3mm filament. No Velleman or Ultimaker please. I appreciate any recommendations!

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    Flsun i3 Metal Frame Large Size 260*260*350mm 3D Printer Open Build Aluminium

    Key Features
    *All metal structure, with 2020 European standard aluminum frame. Hypercube design, keep the structure more stable.
    *Large printing size,the max printing area can be 260*260*350mm.
    *Double Z motors to make the printer structure stable and can printing with a high speed. ensure to get a high precision printing result.
    *With heated bed and large switch power of 12V 30A. can keep heating fast. The power supply add a fan to keep it cooling.
    *The board with two cooling fans,with high stable and long time printing.
    No worry customer service. Provide one year warranty. any of your problems with be solved.

    Click here to more details>>

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    Latest News | TrussFab: Fabricating Sturdy Large-Scale Structures on Desktop 3D Printers

    A team of 13 people at "Human Computer Interaction lab" This Team have designed a "TrussFab" a plugin for Sketchup that will soon become opensource. Here are Authors who made it successful " Robert Kovacs, Anna Seufert, Ludwig Wall, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Florian Meinel, Willi Müller, Si-jing You, Maximilian Brehm, Jonathan Striebel, Yannis Kommana, Alexander Popiak, Thomas Bläsius, and Patrick Baudisch"
    TrussFab is an integrated end-to-end system that allows users to fabricate large structures that are sturdy enough to carry human weight. TrussFab have used plastic bottles combined with 3D print, wherein bottles are considered as “beam” to form a structure based on closed triangles known as Trusses ,this trusses helps to handle the forces resulting from scale and load. TrussFab contains the required engineering knowledge that makes easy for non-engineers to design such structures and allows users to validate their designs using integrated structural analysis.

    Here is a short video all about how it works ?

    Video: Click here

    Read more click here

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    I would recommend all the newbies out there who are new in the field of 3D printing that if you want to own a 3D pen, I think you should first use the easy-to-use ones, rather than spending your money on the hard-to-use ones as wasting money. If you want to know about the best easy-to-use 3D pens, here is the detailed guide for 3d printing pens if you want

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