We’ve recently received an update from the WASP team as they begin work on Shamballa, the 3D printed village underway in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna), Italy. Currently, with the BigDelta 3D printer as the centerpiece for construction (as well as a point of fascination, undoubtedly), the team is getting ready to begin building the first 3D printed house in the technological village, as well as inviting all interested makers to participate both with that and in weekend ‘open-air’ workshops which will focus on furniture making, vertical vegetable gardens, kiln construction and more. The DeltaWASP 3MT, which uses pellets for material, will also be brought on site shortly to help with construction of the eco-friendly village. Read more at 3DPrint.com: https://3dprint.com/142884/wasp-bigdelta-shamballa/