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    Also, is that yellow print in PETG? I have a translucent red that exhibits that exact same behavior. I ended up with a super light opaque pink that looks like it's full of air bubbles at 220c,but at 250c (and no fan) and higher layer heights (.25mm) it keeps that deep translucent color. If it's PET, try printing without a fan and slow way down (I have to print pet at 15-30mm/s for good prints) also I try to use the fan only for bridges or fine detail/overhangs

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    Quote Originally Posted by dustmann View Post
    Have you run any cleaning filament through your extruder? It could have a bit of melted pla lodged in there somewhere that could be causing snags if your filament tolerance is off a little (ie in wider spots). The same variation in filament diameter could be causing just enough friction to stop your print, this happens to me often at lower layer heights. For example, I can print pla all day at 200C at .2mm but 205c or higher must be used for .1mm with the exact same filament and STL. I am no engineer, but I believe the higher temperature makes the filament softer and allows it to flow through the nozzle easier preventing the grinding issue you are experiencing.

    TL;DR: try increasing temps by 5-10c or running some cleaner filament through
    I just attempted at 5 and 10 deg hotter. Still a no go.

    I have not tried cleaning filament but I have removed the hot end and cleaned it out with acetone.

    This is an orange PetG but I'm having most my problems with eSun's PLA Pro+ Red.

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    I think it is heat creep. I ran into this a while ago when i brought my printer to the garage. It printed fine in the house, and then when summer rolled around it started to fail. PLA and PETG. I was a random pass, but I finally figured it out. heat creep and when the filiment would do a retraction it would buldge at the nozzel and get jammed up. I can print when the temp drops to about 75-80.

    I am in the process of making a machined part to add water cooling. I'll post if it works out well

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