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    ATM Skimming Industry Turns to 3D Printing

    The bad guys seem to be staying ahead of the good guys, especially when it comes to ATM skimming technologies. A person going by the handle "Gripper," on various underground forums, claims to have the ability to mass produce ATM skippers and POS skimmers to steal peoples debit and credit card information:

    "Gripper," claims to be using 3D printers in order to customize and mass produce the parts needed fr a skimming unit. If you have any further information on these thieve, let us hear it! here is a picture of a part being produced on a 3d printer, taken from one of these underground forums:

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    This is another scary side of 3d printing, but it's just something society will need to deal with and think of a solution for. Every problem has a solution. Criminals will always be a step ahead, but eventually the good guys adapt. Couldn't this gripper guy use his talents for a more moral cause?

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