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    Survey on Modeling for 3D Printing

    Hi everybody,

    I'm a PhD Student, currently working on multi-touch interfaces for 3D Modeling, specifically on mobile devices (tablets).

    I've prepared a survey on this topic, it would be really helpful if a lot of people could answer .

    If you're in the mood, willing to spend just a mere 10min. of your precious time and, who knows, give a decisive contribution to the future of mankind , just follow the link below to start answering:

    Thanks a lot!

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    Will we get to see the results of this Survey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newbie101 View Post
    Will we get to see the results of this Survey?
    I'll post the overall results when finished collecting all answers, but please bear in mind that it's just started, it'll take a while (a month or so).


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    Great! I'd love to see them.

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    Yes, please don't forget to post back here so we can see the results.
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    The survey didn't like it when I told it that I didn't want to "swipe" and use i-phone gestures to do 3D modeling, and preferred a classic UI (actually I like a haptic UI, but that wasn't an option). It kept saying that another answer was "required", so I quit . If you're already set on what answers you want to get, why are you asking us about it?

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