Anyone else here work with Raspberry Pi? I saw this on instructables today and thought it was a pretty clever idea. May try this as a weekend project myself eventually. A man named Rick Winscot came up with this design and posted it on his instructables page.

You will need a 3d printer, and the following parts to make this work:

3mm Fiber Optic Filament

Gorilla Super Glue

2.1mm Panel-mount Barrel Connector

Edimax WiFi Dongle (you could use Ethernet... but you're going to have to modify the model)

Gorilla Epoxy

According to Rick the average print times will be as follows:

* leaf + stem = 25 mins
* cap = 30 mins
* bottom = 35 mins
* body = 3 hours
* base = 2 hours
* base plate = 30 mins

Here's some picture. Also check out the instructables page here: