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    3D prinatbel Door bolt / Latch

    A nice little door latch or bolt for you to 3D print.

    We created it in Freecad and the printed it out.

    You can now keep you bathroom door bolted but do it in what ever colour you like.

    If you want to increase the strength of the bolt you can scale it up or use a material like nylon to print it.

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    Thank you for the interesting idea ! We recently bought a house and installed French Doors in it, as we have always dreamed of such doors. They look great in the overall interior design of our house. And ordering, consultation with the seller, delivery and installation of them were very fast and high-quality. We were very satisfied. But - we have a little daughter who wants bright colors everywhere, and I believe your idea with 3D printing can help us to give her a pleasant surprise with minimal costs.
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    French doors are very popular. When I was doing the repairs, I realized that even small details are very important. So for the new decor of my house, I ordered interior door numbers, made in my own and original style in the bsign store. They produce modern and stylish door signs. All my friends asked me where I could find such stylish decor because it looks very cool and not like everyone else.

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