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    Einscan-S Orange Peel effect

    I just got my Einscan-S, and I'm having a problem with an orange peel effect on my scans. I'm scanning a smooth, neutral grey object that I dusted with talc to eliminate shine. But no matter what setting (low, med, high), I am getting wrinkles on my meshes. The unit calibrated successfully, so I'm at a loss. There is no direct outside light coming into the room either. Please help! I want to love this scanner!

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    I have that sometimes.

    YOu say there is no direct light. Not necessarily good. Try to light up your model.

    Try to play also with the setting in "describe your model", not the level of details, the one above, forgot what it's called, try dark-light setting.

    Try to scan the surface at angle if not already the case. Perpendicular is not always the best way.

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    or better yet - just scan oranges :-)

    einscan part of the forum is here:

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