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    Help adding weight to a line 3d model.

    So, I have a 3D model, and the g-code isn't printing properly. I have a feeling it's attempting to print nothing but supports, because the model itself is a line model only (It's a mask for a friends cosplay, so the model is only a shell) and obviously the model needs to have a wall thickness to print. Does anyone know an easy way to add thickness to a pretty intricate 3d model easily?

    At the moment I'm using Cura, but also have access to autodesk inventor, 123Design, Netfabb basic, PTC CREO, and microsoft 3d builder

    This is what it's printing, and what i want it to be printing.

    Cheers in advance.

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    well to start with it shouldn't need supports.

    Where did you get the original stl file ?

    A quick way to add thickness would be to put extra models on the platform and then move them very slightly so you have double or triple thickness walls.

    That should work quite well.

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    Best is to import into Meshmixer (free) and add thickness to all the surfaces.
    If you cut up the whole model into printable parts, add the thickness before cutting into parts.

    and when you cut your model, be sure that the cutting surfaces are closed (Boolean), or you will be faced with the same problem

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