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    Printer Calibration Help (Printrbot Simple Metal w/ Heated Bed)

    I've just recently purchased a Printrbot Simple Metal with a heated bed, and have been messing with it in my free time for the past week now. I opted to use Slic3r and Repetier, since Cura was working, but didn't allow for a lot of customization. I'm slowly getting better prints, but I've hit a point now where I'm not sure how to proceed.

    Here is a 5mm steps print that I did last night:

    and here is the Slic3r settings I'm using:

    (Sorry for not directly attaching them, the message editor was not working properly for me)

    Any help on what settings I can tweak to get better print quality would be appreciated.


    Edit (05/23/16) -

    I did a bit more tweaking and adjusted the Slic3r file to the following:

    And have been getting some good prints, but now I'm having issues with higher resolution prints. When printing at 0.05 -> 0.2mm / layer, I'm not getting filament extrusion. 0.3mm / layer seems to work fine, but anything less either doesn't extrude filament, or extrudes it in blobs. This is a print at 195* first layer (185* for the rest) w/ the heated bed at 65* first layer (55* for the rest).
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