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    Steth IO, 3D Printed iPhone Case Stethoscope

    This was actually 3D printed by a 15 year old boy named Suman Mulumudi, from Snohomish, Wa. It is a 3d printed iphone case which can be used as a stethoscope. The way the case is made, it sends the heart beat sound up to the microphone of the phone and records the sound waves in an app.

    “People have tried to put the microphone over the chest, but that doesn’t work,” said Mulumudi “Interestingly enough, that’s how the first stethoscope was invented.” Before 1816, he explained, doctors used to put their ears to patients’ chests. Then a young woman went to see the French physician René Laennec. He rolled up a piece of paper like a megaphone, and put the narrow end to his ear.

    Mulumudi, whose father is a cardiologist, has actually already formed a company around his 3d printed invention and intends to get FDA approval for his device. Here is a look at the device which he printed on his MakerBot Replicator 2:

    The device in action:

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    I don't have an iphone, but what is the actual stethoscope part of this covering. Is that the speaker or the MIC? I didnt' know there was a microphone on the back of the iPhone.

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