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    Check out this simple bottle lock for glass bottles!

    Hi guys, So I've been working on some new 3D printed product ideas. This one came to mind a while ago. It's a simple bottle lock for keeping folks from drinking your beer or any other beverage in a glass bottle(don't we all have that one friend you can never trust?) Anyway, I'm working on getting better picts taken soon but you can download this at Print3d Mart!

    Bottle Lock 2.jpgBottleLock 1.jpgBottle Lock 3.jpg
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    how does it work with screw top bottles ?

    Those metal flip cap bottles almost never get put back anywhere, for it to be of any use it would need to work with screw top bottles.

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    Aadvark, I think he intends this to lock up unopened bottles to prevent someone from opening and drinking it.

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    Hi Aardvark, Yes this is only intended for unopened twist off and pop top bottles. The idea is to (somewhat) deter people from drinking your unopened drinks in the fridge. Obviously this being made out of plastic, it could be broken off but that's not really the point. It was really just some random idea I had that I wanted to create. The lock mechanism actually works fairly well considering that everything is 3D printed including the tumbler mechanism. The only non 3D printed parts is a small spring and a small metal rod for the hinge(although this could probably be printed as well).

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