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    Unhappy PLEASE HELP (scale model of the equipment)

    Hello everyone,

    i am very new at 3D printing! so please keep this in mind. i have a STP file of a peace of equipment and all i want to do is scale it down print the outside. but when i try to print it treys to print all the insides and the housing get to thin and collapsing. Is there a way of making the entire thing a solid with nothing internal. All i am trying to do is make a scale model of the equipment. PLEASE HELP!!

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    1/ Double posting is annoying.

    2/ without any detail it's difficult to help you but basically you seem to have a nice working step file with all the components. You would need to work on it a bit to "fill" it. But it's entirely doable with the right set of soft.

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    Hi David,

    I'll answer your question about modelling, as there are also ways to handle this in printing also (wall shells etc).

    Yes there definitely are methods of removing model detail and filling volumes and the process is typically called de-featuring, however to achieve what you need you don't have to go through de-featuring the model unless you're already familiar with your CAD software and how to do it.
    In your case I'd suggest a relatively simple way to do this, just create a volume inside your model and bound it to the model edges, if that still is too complicated send me the stp file and I'll do it for you - in fact we're about to run a promotion to offer a free basic CAD model to people that like and review our services (all you would need to do is like our facebook page, send me the stp file and I'll fix it up for you so that the insides are solid ). If you're happy with the stl file afterwards it would be nice to get a review also, but not mandatory.

    Note the promotion will be limited to the first 25 likes, but it hasn't gone live yet so you're guaranteed a place

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    And you can't say fairer than that :-)

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