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    Bizarre Aladdin Movie Features Magical 3D Printer

    The latest film version of Aladdin may be one of the most bizarre things you ever watch. Shot in a Brooklyn warehouse with papier-mâché scenery, the movie, directed by indie rocker Adam Green, looks like Arabian Nights on LSD. Set in a New York-like city, Aladdin is a frustrated indie singer, the princess is a Kardashian type, and the a magical 3D printer that fills the world with clutter once people discover that they can have anything they want, instantly. Read more at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donnabell87 View Post
    It looks like the strangest movie ever. I don't think they will show something like that on Netflix, lol.
    They sure won't. Because they care about those who actually watch Netflix On the other hand, I saw all kinds of crap on the Netflix. And it was hard for me to tell a bad movie from a good one and decide which film or series worth my time. But then I've found flixboss site - there is a whole guide of relevant cinema on Netflix. Now I watch only cool stuff and not wasting my time on crap. Because my time is precious, you know. I don't want to spend it on disappointment.
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