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    Check out 3D Printed Pirakeet Game Console

    Paris-based Alister Savage (aka "Ampersands") has remixed Adafruit's PiGRRL to bring us a portable gaming console even smaller than the Game Boy. With two parts of a case that are 3D printed separately, the Pirakeet makes use of the extra tiny Raspberry Pi Zero computer to become one of the smallest and lowest budget DIY handheld gaming projects out there. Savage includes eleven STL files and two PDF files (posted on Thingiverse) that document each assembly step, and most of the parts can be purchased from Adafruit for about $100. This impressive little 3D printed game console is the latest addition to a growing number of easy to build gaming systems driven by the Raspberry Pi computer series. Read more at ‎

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    Why did u bumped it?

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