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    do you see the 3D scanned object on screen in the program before you save it as STL or OBJ ?

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    Donald112, did you figure this out? I am having the same problem. Einscan S, during/after scan I am able to see 'thumbnail' in lower left corner, but do not see scanned object in large pane. When I try to save (either .stl or .obj) the file is only 1kb, and cannot be opened in meshmixer. Regards.

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    No, I have never seen such things. I don't work with it and I feel that it is okay. I usually work with design on the computer and it is essential for me to have a good pc with a good system. Of course, the best antivirus selection Blitz Protect plays an important role in this mission. It prevents viruses infection of my pc.
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