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    Design help and 3d printing/ prototyping

    Hi All,

    I'm designing a relatively small item - 60mm x 40mm x 15mm max dimensions, and need some expertise in completing it in readiness for 3d printing. I'm currently using sketchup and need some help especially with the simple curves (although I'm willing to switch platforms if required).

    I'd like to pay someone to complete the design for me and potentially print it for me, however, it may be more simple to get a local firm to print depending on your location.

    There will be recurrent work available as I develop the prototype and make other products to create a range.

    Please let me know if you're interested.


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    Hey badjet,

    If you are still in need of assistance, we would love to help you out.

    Please contact me at or submit a message at and we'll get back to you right away!

    Thanks for your time,

    Lucky 8s

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    Hi badjet,
    If you have not found anyone yet I would be happy to help. Please visit our website:

    tel. +1 416 955-0857

    Best regards

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    Hi Badjet,
    Let me know if you want a quotation to go along with other Christian or Andrew, I don't usually use sketch-up but I can have a look at your model free of charge and discuss your requirements. We're a new start-up in Australia and are very competitive with pricing.

    You can PM me through the board, email me at or use the contact us form on the site at or call me on +61 401 88 MAKE (6253), note that I am in Australia so it is going to be cheaper for you to email unless you are an Aussie yourself.


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    As a product designer I am expertised in 3D printing for prototyping, contact me at and if you send me the sketchup file I will send you a quote.
    We can print it in the studio so we will have very quick development cycles.


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    Hey badjet,

    If you still are looking for help, I'm in the same book as the rest of these gentlemen and can perform and scale-up each step of the process.

    Thing is, I don't see where you disclosed your location? Unless my phone is truncating part of the thread. Nevertheless, I'm located in the Midwest, USA if that is something more convenient for you. If so, I'd be glad to PM you with my credentials for the job and besides I believe in karma so if you had a few questions, I wouldn't mind at all giving you some free advice/pointers.


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    looking to have these made
    Need someone to scan and think 3d print them out. Depending on costs can make more or less to be economical.

    wheel center cap in 52mm ,NLA

    see link for picture

    thank you

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    what material do you want that in ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    what material do you want that in ?

    I am open to material.
    Its just a wheel center cap

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    Hello. If you need assistance, contact me here

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