Dremel has just announced that they are releasing a second generation of their easy to use printer with a host of new features. The new model of the Idea Builder is an out-of-the-box 3D printer, with a version that was optimized specifically to be used in a classroom setting. Dremel will be releasing two versions of their second generation Idea Builder. The 3D40-01 is the retail version that will include a flash drive pre-loaded with Print Studio software, a roll of build tape for the printing bed and a spool of PLA filament. The 3D40-EDU is the educational version of the printer that will come with a few additional features not included with the retail version. You can learn more about the new Dremel 3D printer over on 3DPrint.com: https://3dprint.com/128755/dremel-3d40-edu-3d-printer/