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    Doctors Without Borders Team Creates 3D Printed & VR Experience of Hospital

    MSF (Doctors Without Borders) technical team leader Elvina Motard worked with a team that took the plans for a hospital built in the Philippines following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, and turned them into 3D models. The models were then 3D printed, and used to create a virtual reality experience using a powerful video game engine that can be experienced using a VR headset. Anyone wearing the VR headset can then navigate through the digital representation of the hospital using a simple game pad. The 3D technology used to create this new hospital blueprint program can help MSF create facilities that are the most efficient and effective for doctors and their patients. You can read more over on…ty-3d-printing/

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    What is the video game program you used to create the VR?

    This is really impressive. Jean Pletinckx, what is the video game program you used to create the VR?

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