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    Microduino 3D Prints Faux Vulture Eggs

    Few people profess to adoring vultures, but I'd say many of us are fairly well thrilled at the results of the role they play as part of nature's clean up crew. Unfortunately, humans aren't always the best at connecting cause and effect or thinking in terms longer than the day ahead of us, and so vultures are being killed off in extraordinary numbers. In an effort to support captive breeding programs to at least maintain some portion of the population, the International Center for Birds of Prey has teamed up with Microduino to create an open-source, 3D printed faux-egg that contains sensors that will allow researchers to gather data about the complex and little understood vulture incubation process. Read more at

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    This is very interesting. However, it seems like their forums is inactive.... The last threads were made back in 2014... If anyone knows if they've moved on to a new site please tell me!

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