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    The BioPen Acts as Biological 3D Printing 3Doodler for Surgeons

    A tool developed by Australian researchers could completely change the way surgeons repair injuries and defects to cartilage and bone. The BioPen is essentially a biological 3Doodler - it allows surgeons to draw with a bioink directly onto the surface of a bone during surgery. The ink, comprised of stem cells in a hydrogel solution, would then multiply inside the body, growing into new tissue. So far, the pen has shown a more than 97% success rate in testing. Read more at

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    It seems like this is only good for fixing small bits of cortical bone and maybe small skin repairs. Even simple skin grafts seem to require micro-structures to work properly.

    That said, this pen could free up a hospital's bioprinter from the simple prints that don't require them but still take a lot of time.

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