I have in possession the following resins from Spot-A Materials

1. Hard and Tough - 6Kgs
2. Casting - 10Kgs
3. General Purpsoe - 2.5Kgs
4. Elastic Resin - 0.5Kgs

I am selling these resins as we are moving on to a different 3D Printing System and are no longer in need of them. I am selling them at 25% of their current market price. The prices would be as follows.

1. Hard and Tough - 64.5USD per kg +Shipping
2. Casting - 175.5USD per kg + Shipping
3. General Purpose - 58.5 USD per kg + Shipping
4. Elastic - 70.5 USD per kg + Shipping

In addition, we have a few variants of the SPOT IC resins too, but these are opened. We are willing to give them away too, at the similar discounted prices. They are in usable condition.

My email address is rohit.rao@ackuretta.com

Kindly get in touch, if interested.