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    Could you give me more detail on how you changed the wiring to work with the J-head? Support isn't much help haha..
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    You can use any type of extruder you like as long as you get the wiring correct. I changed mine to a J-Head Mark IV at 0.4mm and changed the connector port so it fits in.

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    Board Broke...

    Any chance you're still live on this channel and could help a new modder out? My board just blew on my 3dstuffmaker mega prusa and I'd like to start modding it if I can. Could use a little help and guidance from someone who knows what they're doing.

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    I too would recommend the RAMPS/Marlin (using Arduino) combo. It's pretty easy to connect and has a lot of support available. So if you just follow the directions, you won't break anything. As well as a headed bed it will support two printing heads.

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