Welcome to the amazing world of "virtual archaeology." In 2014, another marble piece was found that helps illuminate what life was like in Ancient Rome circa 320 AD. This piece, the "Circus Flaminius," was found at the Palazzo Maffei Marescotti -- a building owned by the Vatican. The piece helps guide researchers to understand more about the entire construction of Ancient Rome because its part of a map known as "Forma Urbis Romae" which hung on the wall of Rome's Templum Pacis (Temple of Peace). Recently, academics used the map to collaborate on a work of virtual archaeology -- reconstructing Rome in 3D. This 3D reconstruction can be viewed as a brief YouTube video tour; it has been put together to give everyone a chance to experience a little slice of Ancient Rome in 3D circa 320 AD! Read more at 3DPrint.com: http://3dprint.com/126020/ancient-ro...onstructed-3d/