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    Pley Toy Company Offers 3D Printer Rentals & Streaming

    Pley is definitely the toy company of the future. Allowing for their members to rent toys with over 500 choices to choose from, they will now be adding 3D printers to their inventory, along with many designs that can be streamed. 3D printers are delivered to the door as rentals, and kids and parents can begin downloading and printing models immediately. Designs can also be featured on Pley’s crowdsourcing site, Pleyworld. Read more at

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    It would have to be a fairly low rental cost, I mean ALDI are selling 3D printers for a few hundred dollars. I wonder if they are going to charge through the nose for consumables? or how it's going to work, people that rent will need something to print in.. and a decent amount, min 250gms.. so rental, $10 base for filament.. the machine, maintenance, etc.. will be interesting to see if it turns a profit.
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    think it's just in the states.

    Good idea.

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