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    ColorPod Is Simple Color Attachment for 3D Printers

    The ColorPod requires a simple attachment to a standard desktop 3D printer, and just like any powder bed process it lays down a thin layer of powder material. Then an inkjet attachment prints the first layer onto the powder, the printer lowers the platform slightly and the process starts over again until the entire model is printed into the powder material. Then it simply needs to be fished out of the pile of powder and hardened with some super glue or hairspray, which also brings out the color. The FDM printing head on the printer will continue to be functional, and usable even with the ColorPod attached, which can be surprisingly useful during the printing process. You can find out more about the ColorPod over on

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    A low cost repurposing. I like it. I have no use for it but the concept is nice.

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