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Two years ago, when going to university I had the same struggle of choosing a reliable laptop. The downside of a laptop is that you cannot build it from scratch like a PC so you have to look for the best pre-build versions on the market.
I was not a specialist in technologies therefore could not make a good decision on my own. I wished I had someone to help me with choosing something up to 700$ and that could run games and stuff)). Everything I was founding in the days lacked a strong CPU or a GPU that could meet my requirements. The key is to find a laptop with every specification balanced. So i used the services of gadgetguide.in .A laptop below 8gb of ram is a waste of money, the same with a CPU with a frequency of 3.2 or lower. The gpu is debatable depending on the purposes of why you need a laptop.
Are they working only in india or their services are available worldwide?