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    I may have figured something out...3dp_resin_suspended2.jpg

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    Is that a preview image from Ghostbusters new movie?

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    No, that picture doesn't look as terrible as that movie.

    It's 3D print resin suspended on a lubricant.

    However, it eventually separated the resin into two parts and majority of it went under the clear lubricant. ugh.

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    My reading of these printers was so demoralizing that I originally planned to sell them in as-new condition and take a loss.
    So you haven't even tried printing anything ?

    You do know that a lot of negative 3d printer reviews are down to the general incompetence of the end user and often nothing to do with the machines themselves.

    It seems weird to me that you're spending money on a vat lining BEFORE printing something without one.
    You might not need one :-)
    How can you know unless you try ?

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    it's a complex situation, but I'm hopeful by christmas I'll have the printer up and running for practical testing.
    I often believe that some of the negative reviews are unfounded. It's sometimes easy to determine that from the report itself. I have learned quite a bit from the posts that make me hopeful to have as few problems as possible when the printer comes out of the box.

    Regarding not needing a vat liner: every post from the successful operators indicate that the "standard" PDMS will fog quickly and for some people, it will tear. I have learned that I will have, in advance, a flat build plate as well as a level build plate, to resolve many problems associated with the reverse. I have already shipped my printer to FSL and had it returned with all the improvements created since it was first shipped. There's a plus right there.

    I lack operational space and currently have poor environmental conditions to expect good results.

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    I'd whip out the printer and start using it, there is a learning curve to it, but you'll figure it all out in time. It is capable of doing amazing prints once you figure it all out, it's just that it is it not user friendly and take a lot of patience.

    Meanwhile... I found something that has a much higher density than 3D print resin on my 3rd attempt.


    I may start experimenting tonight. If there is no peeling, well this printer will get a whole lot more reliable or at least that's the goal.

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    That's really cool if you can use a liquid for a base material in the VAT that wouldn't mix with the resin or interfere with the build plate. It might have issues separating out later or due to evaporation and the level lowering needing a new starting point for the base, of course we could easily expose the first layer more so that it would just solidify more for the first layer on the base plate.

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    The peachy printer, not yet in production, purports to use saline solution to float the resin for a bottom up build. With the pegasus, having the resin float to enable easier release would certainly reduce the amount of flotation liquid required. If it's higher density than the resin, I would not expect too much evaporation. Contamination of each layer would be a valid consideration in the pegasus.

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    I think I got that wrong. If the device starts at the bottom, but each layer is added above that, is it a bottom up build? I think there are so many different build methods that the terminology may be insufficient to describe in a few words.

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    That's a pretty cool way to print, moving the build plate down and building on top, but I wonder how you ensure you have exactly the right amount of material still on top? There are lots of variables, including expansion/contraction of resin, axis, etc.

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