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    List of 5 Axis Additive/3D printing Machines/Companies

    Hi 3D print members,

    I need the groups help! I have to find a list of companies that sell a 5 axis free form 3D printer. So far i have been fairly unsuccessful and hoping the power of many peoples knowledge can help.
    I have attached one company that sells a machine along the lines of what i am looking for

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    not biomedical

    So do you want a biomedical one or a normal engineering one ?

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    Thanks for the reply,

    The proposed application of it is not too important. I just to need to find a list of machines that are capable of this type of movement.
    Yes i just emailed them to see what the 3D printer capabilities are as they seem to advertise themselves as more of a CNC machine.

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    you obviously didn't read the list of tools and tool holders :-)

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    In the last 5 years being in the 3D printing industry as a middle person to supply 3D printing metal equipments to industries,I am very well aware of the know-how fo this field.I think the best company is

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