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    4 New Breaking Bad 3D Printed Figurines

    I'm a huge fan of the Breaking bad series. Too bad it ended last year though. That doesn't mean that you can't still hang out with your favorite characters in your own home. Well, 3D printed characters at least. Shapeways designer Mstyle183 has come out with 4 new Breaking Bad 3D models for 3D printing, available in color printed in sandstone. The costs vary depending on the figure. Here they are. Both Jesse Pinkman and Walter White characters. Tou can view the creator's shapeways page here:

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    Pretty detailed. I wonder if there are any trademark issues will this guy profiting off these figurines. I would assume that He shouldn't be able to market these as "Breaking Bad," or Walter white".

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    I absolutely love Breaking Bad, and have purchased a few Breaking Bad art prints from various artists. These look fantastic! Wish the files were available.

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