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    Salt Water dissolving printed label??

    I saw this posted on the comments section of the kickstarter project, but it's a really good point.

    Wouldn't the salt water dissolve any half solidified layers of a partially printed layer if it came in contact with it?

    Is there anything put in place to prevent this?

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    What makes you think the salt water will dissolve the solidified layers? Who would use a resin that dissolves in the fluid that's used to suspend it?

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    As above, the resin is not soluble in water. It floats on top, just like oil would.

    In any case, it doesn't really matter. The partially printed layers happen at the top of the resin. The water is at the bottom of the resin. The only things that would cause the two to come into contact are:

    (1) There's turbulence or waves in the print bath, causing water to slosh over the job. In this case your job is ruined anyway, because the Peachy relies on the top surface being flat.

    (2) There is no resin layer because you've run out of resin. In this case the job can't be finished anyway.

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    This is also the first time I've heard of such a thing. I never even thought that salt water could dissolve prints. Now I know more, thank you. In return, I would like to share with you another color label printing solution. In any case, it was also no less useful for me to learn. I think that it will also do you good. Good luck to you.

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