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    Never received my gift code


    I have never received my gift code for the beta store. I have send many mails to request it but never get any answer from the team...
    As Rylan is on this forum, I would like to ask him to help me.
    I just want to have the beta printer as much usable as i should be able to as I paid for it (the most important thing I wanted is the "Magnetic Damping Galvanometer Package").

    So, Rylan, could you please answer my request ?

    Thanks in advance...

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    In advance of knowing why this is happening, you have my apologies.
    This is not acceptable, and Im sorry.
    Im glad you have at least been able to reach me here!
    I wonder what is behind this problem..... which emails have you been trying to reach us at?
    I want to find the problem and make sure that there are not others experiencing the same thing!

    Since you have already been through some grief trying to get only what is reasonable, I will not pass you on to any one else.
    I will deal with your request my self. I have sent you a PM here on 3d print board.

    If there is anyone else that Is having troubles like this, be sure to let me know any way you can... weather its an old email account not being checked, or a spam-filter, or an employee here at peachy that is not doing their job.. I want to know about the problem and fix it asap.

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    I have sent mails to info and

    Now, with your PM, I consider that my problem is on the best way to be solved.

    Thanks for your help and fast reply Rylan.

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    Glad to see this resolved

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    Ok so I looked into this to find the problem.
    We did receive your messages Redox, and 2 employees here at Peachy read them and even messaged each other about your request!
    It appears that there was some misunderstanding between the two employees.. They both thought the other one took care of your request.

    Im going to create a company policy that would prevent this next time.
    I think a few things need to change.

    1. The first thing our employees should do when they get a question, is respond directly back to the customer. Even if the person at peachy doesn't have what your looking for
    it would be good to get a response Like... " hey Redox Just so you know I got this message and Im looking into it " This way your not left wondering if we even got your message.
    2. If the Peachy Employee you talked to first must pass you along to another person, then we should tell you that this is happening
    with a message like "hey Redox, Im going to pass you on to Joe ( ) as he is the one that can generate the gift code that you need."

    Thanks for posting about this Redox! Were rather new to all this and we need all the feedback we can get.
    The Hole team is also very over worked so while these kinds of things are not acceptable they are also not surprising.

    On the plus side your package is in the mail now! and Iv sent you a PM with the tracking number.

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