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    Welcome to the forum :-)

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    Hi everyone!

    My name Vedran and people call me by my nickname Wekster because it's easier to pronounce it
    I started 3d printing last year and I have Prusa i3 clone and Creality CR-10. Mostly I'm printing movie props and my own experiments.

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    Hey, this is my first post here! Name is Bill Ryder. I'm a 46 year old, 20 year software engineering veteran with a very specific goal in mind with regard to 3d printing. The only research I've done so far is to compare various available sub $500 3d printers.

    Ultimately I want to play with creating my own filament from HDPE. I had a "Logic" brand boat which was made from HDPE as are many canoes and kayaks, which I could repair by welding with salvaged milk jugs. This led me to think about saving the world by recycling HDPE. I have also looked into some extruders/makers, mostly DIY, online. And my thought is, with perfected 3d printing with HDPE, this would be a great avenue to re-use of discarded HDPE plastic items.

    But step one at this point is to be able to do anything I need to start with learning about 3d printing. Would be very appreciative of best advice balancing low cost with ease of getting to the point of printing with HDPE filament. Based on research I'm thinking the the Di Vinci 1.0 Pro is the absolutely quickest path to printing with a decent probability of success with HDPE. Heated base. Variable extruder temps that can handle ABS (which I'm to understand in the in the temp range for HDPE). $349. Comes with software. Auto setup of just about everything possible.

    Does that sound like I'm on the right track? Should I consider something else? For example, can I get significantly cheaper with a RepRap based kit, with less hassle and headache than I think? And/Or, are there other options I should consider that I don't even know about?

    I look forward to contributing my experiences and finding on this forum over time. Any initial advice sincerely appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this!!


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    Hello all, as a part of our introduction to the community, we want to give away some free white PLA from Industrial 3D Printing. We are a new startup company and have spent countless hours with our manufacturer to create the best PLA product available. High quality printing material with a lot of strength.
    In order to receive a free PLA spool, you must buy one from and leave us a review, that's it! Once you've left a review, please send a screen shot to (our Amazon partner) along with your address and we will have a second spool of PLA sent to you. Currently only available for USA residents.

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    Hello, fellow 3D Printers.
    Harold Richard (Just Harry)
    60 plus, Years Young
    Yank, from, Southern California.
    For me, 3D printing becomes a tool for my real Hobby, RC Sailboat Racing (AMYA). I would much rather experiment around and make my own boat hardware, since I am already designing my own boats. In fact I have 12 designs sitting in the Cloud waiting patiently for me to bring them to life. Just finished a sturdy work Table for my new baby and now setting up the CR-10 S5.


    Just Harry

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    Hi all,

    This is Keira Tayor, an academic tutor, blogger and writer.
    Glad to join this community.


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    Hello. Nikita here.

    I'm a 27 y/o electronics engineer with a passion for robotics. Once upon a time I frequented a 3D printing club at our uni, where we built (crappy) 3d printers and learned what not to do in the process

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    HI Guys,

    New to 3d Printing with an FF Dreamer and a lot to learn

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    Hey, new here obviously. have a monoprice and looking to get into the hobby

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    using a copymaster 400 for hobby robotics and costume making. joined to hopefully find a way to finally get petg correct after years of 3d printing

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