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    Is anyone interested in SLA 3D printers?

    Hi, everyone, I am new here. haven't see any information about SLA 3D printers. Is anyone interested in SLA 3D printers?

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    then you haven't looked very hard.

    Lots of membesr with sla machines, various sections about them and many many threads discussing just about every aspect from how to make your tank to which ones are best for models.

    Look harder :-)

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    Plenty of companies have made very quality resin printers. So far I only have a resin printer and recently started making videos of the things I make. Like curious aardvark said, look harder.

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    I have 2 SLA printers, a Formlabs 1+ clone, and a Muve3d DLP 1.5. The Muve3d DLP is a staggeringly accurate printer once you get it rolling. Its insane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vexmatech View Post
    SLA 3D printer is currently one of the most affordable that uses the more detailed Stereolitography technology for curing liquid resin with an UV laser, producing higher quality prints as compared to the more common FDM/FFF 3D printers using thermoplastics.
    3d printing service INDIA
    Earlier this year, when the Nobel 1.0 was announced it looked like a really good alternative to some other more expensive SLA 3D printers and although we like FormLabís 3D printers they are still quite more expensive. So recently we have decided to go for the Nobel 1.0 as an expansion of our 3D printers lab in order for us to start using SLA 3D printing as well and dig deeper into the technology. Now it is time to share our initial impressions after using the XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D printer for a while, so if you are interested in SLA 3D printers and are on a more limited budget you will most likely be interested in this device as well.
    Do you have any updates on how the Nobel is working for you? I can get one for $800 so I'm seriously considering getting one. I have a friend with a form 1+ and he really likes it but I see many mixed reviews on the nobel. I'm also considering hacking the drm resin and may trying making an adaptor to the form 1+ bed. I suspect form one has a more advanced bed material.

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    Back in the day... 90's, I paid thousands for SLA models. They were the shit back in the day when nothing else existed. We could design products, get the sla parts made and actually see, feel, and often assemble parts. It saved so much money in redesign costs and scrapping machined parts. I have two 3d printers... but, wouldn't mind owning an sla machine.

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    This site would benefit from at least one section devoted to resin-based printers. We don't need a separate forum for each different brand, which some of the FFF printers have, but a central place for comments around the issues involved with resin printers would seem appropriate. Another section for powder-bed printers would be good too; there are a lot of old Z-corp machines around, and a new crop of SLS printers are starting to emerge now.

    Andrew Werby

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    I'll second that - add an sla section !

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    I'll third that! Please add an SLA section!

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    i have 3 SLA best printer

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