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    3D Printed Radara Patches Help Eliminate Under-Eye Wrinkles

    It’s the newest thing in fighting the effects of time on our skin--and while it’s not inexpensive, many women may find Radara a good investment at £240 (nearly $340 USD) for a four-week supply, as they can look forward to a 35 percent reduction in wrinkles, depending on the quality of their skin. The Radara patches are 3D printed as one-use micro-needle treatments to be used at night in a five-minute regimen. Medical professionals such as Dr. Dhillon, who sells the Radara patches from his London clinic, see the patches as being restorative measures within a four-week period and think they work best in between Botox injections. Read more at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verviesh View Post
    Cool innovation! I think that it is very important to prevent and reduce the accentuation of the wrinkles on the face. Yes, it depends a lot on the skin type. But if Dr. Dhillon sells these 3D Printed Radara Patches from his London clinic, it means that they are really good and deserve their money. I think so because I understand that opening your clinic in London is very hard. It means that he is a good doctor. Now, I am wondering how cool it is to start a business as a medical professional in the UK. Just imagine how much you have to work to achieve a goal like this.
    I've read it! It is really interesting!

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