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    Warping with PLA prints

    Guys, I'm curious on any feedback with how to deal with warping on larger prints when printing in PLA? I have a Prusa i3 that is able to make really good prints. However, on larger models, the edges keep lifting off the bed. I've played around with various bed temperatures from completely off to around 60C. Should I increase the bed temperature even more to prevent the lower portions of models from cooling and contracting as much or is there something else I should be looking at? I know in the Cura software there is an option for platform adhesion type but I wonder if there is a way around it without having to enable it?

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    Add a brim.

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    Yeah adding a brim is a good idea and perhaps pup your temperature to 70 or 75 degrees.

    Also depends on the quality of your filament. Poor quality filament won't adhere to the bed so well. Check out for some high quality filament!

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    just use gluestick.

    What are you actually printing on ?

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    You can also put small cuts into the longer sections. Combined with holes, you can relieve a lot of the stress. Check out the bottom of the Pump Jack Base. You will have to rotate the part and look at it from the bottom. You will see small slices that keep the force from accumulating and getting bigger and bigger. Then, the holes in the beams serve the same purpose. By the time the printer is 1/2" up, there is no warping.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Davo View Post
    Add a brim.
    add a DAVOPAD!
    (a customized brim)
    Add a .5 mm thick disc about 20X20 to each corner

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    Guys thanks for the feedback. I will say that previously on my larger prints, I was using some filament that probably wasn't the highest quality. I recently bought a couple new spools that I have yet to try with larger prints. Currently I am printing on an aluminum build platform. I usually do the hairspray trick which has helped with the adhesion on the first layer. I'll play around with adding a brim. Roxy, that is interesting about adding relief cuts. Actually, that seems like a great idea I hadn't thought of.

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